Harvest Moon rulez the world

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"Everything I know I learnt from Harvest Moon 64"
1) No matter how tough the girl is to get, if you show her your dog a couple hundred times, she WILL love you
2) Fuck diamond rings, Blue feathers are the way to propose
3) Every girl has a special place where she wants to watch the fireworks with you and no one else
4) The hottest girls are the hardest ones to get (Karen)
5) Life doesn't give you instructions, it just puts you on a farm with $200 and says: GO!
6) Never take off your favourite baseball cap, even at your wedding
7) Girls love old dirty music boxes
8) If you don't have a kitchen, no one is EVER going to marry you
9) Evil spirits exist
10) ^They can turn you into a ghost
11) It pays off BIG time to give an offering to the Goddess
12) Old Chinese folks live at the tops of mountains selling sushi
13) Never invest in Turnips
14) Cows can get pregnant from drinking a liquid miracle
15) Sheep are cute
16) Chickens are annoying, but they make money so don't complain
17) Old bald Mayors can have young attractive Wives
18) Grizzly bears are approachable, as long as you give them a lot of gifts (Karen's dad)
19) There are only four TV channels on normal TVs- Static, The Weather Forecast, Events During the Month and, Educational Television
20) Horses are invincible-so are baby chickens and dogs
21) Carpenters don't have age limits
22) People miss festivals ALL the time, don`t feel bad
23) If you have worked on a project for three years and gone nowhere, time for a new project
24) Time stops for no man-unless you are inside
25) After chopping wood, it is nice to man out in the hot springs
26) Carpenters search your whole land while building a small kitchen attachment, and when you ask them what they're doing they tell you "it's none of your business"
27) Plants automatically die at the end of the season
28) It doesn't matter how much your wife HATES the country. She will still help out happily on the farm
29) No matter how hard you try, you can`t actually Harvest the Moon.